Opiate & Heroin Addiction Treatment

East Indiana Recovery provides Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) programs utilizing Suboxone, Sublocade, Vivitrol and Naltrexone for people suffering from opiate and heroin addiction in a private, calm and comfortable outpatient practice. Patients receive individualized treatment planning based on their unique needs for addiction recovery.

  • One-on-one chemical dependency counseling – no group therapy.
  • Appointment frequency based on personal needs – once monthly visits for stable patients in maintenance phase.
  • Referral assistance and other treatment recommendations to other pertinent health specialists, such as psychiatry, Hep-C doctors, primary care, etc.
  • Meaningful care from experienced doctors with a compassionate staff in a private and calm setting.

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Opiate and Heroin Addiction Treatment in Richmond, IN

Suboxone Maintenance for Opiate and Heroin Addiction

Suboxone is a medication prescribed for the treatment of opiate and heroin use disorder. It is composed of 2 different medications – buprenorphine, designed to keep you out of withdrawal, and naloxone, which blocks euphoric feelings and cravings for opiates. Some people refer to Suboxone as the “Miracle Pill” because patients report it helps them to “feel normal again”… something someone suffering from an addiction can all understand.

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Vivitrol Injections for Opiate and Heroin Addiction

Vivitrol is an injection that you receive in office every 28 days. It’s what’s called an “antagonist” medication; it blocks – or eliminates – your cravings for opiates or alcohol, therefore preventing relapse.

Before receiving your first Vivitrol injection, you must be through the detox process, typically 7-10 days after your last heroin use. Because we know that the withdrawal process is what most patients fear, we have all the necessary tools to help transition you through the time that’s necessary through your last use, and before the first injection.

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Chemical Dependency Counseling for Opiate and Heroin Addiction

Chemical dependency counseling addresses the ways in which drugs and alcohol affect people on personal and physical levels, and in their relationships with others. In a MAT program, the therapy is just as important as the medication itself; the medication will help you to feel normal again while allowing you the opportunity to heal from the past. You’ll learn positive coping mechanisms to avoid relapse in the future. We have a chemical dependency counselor who is available for you to see at your appointments with the doctor, as well as additional sessions if you choose.