Individualized Addiction Recovery Treatment Programs Based On Your Needs.

East Indiana Recovery, LLC is a private medical facility located in Richmond, IN specializing in the treatment of opiate dependence and alcohol use disorder. We provide medication-assisted treatment (MAT) outpatient services to those struggling with an addiction to not only pain pills, heroin/fentanyl, but also alcohol and develop individualized treatment plans on a per patient basis. One-on-one chemical dependency counseling is provided on-site. Our staff and providers work together to assist patients with referrals to other pertinent health specialists such as primary care, mental health/psychiatry, infectious disease (Hep-C) doctors and more, in an attempt to treat the patient as a whole, not only their addiction. Support groups, like AA/NA and FOA, are encouraged and community supporters are easily accessible through our program. We not only educate our patients about the disease of addiction but also help them to understand why they’ve been affected and how to prevent it from continuing into their future.

Medication-assisted treatment utilizing Suboxone, Sublocade, Vivitrol and naltrexone is the most effective way to recover from substance abuse long term.

Interested to learn about the different programs we offer? Call or text 24/7 for real time support 765-999-HOPE.