What If You Could Forget To Want Alcohol? (Because modern day science says, it’s true: you can forget about alcohol.)

When your brain isn’t getting the rewarding effects of alcohol, there’s simply no reason to continue drinking it. So, can you actually re-wire your brain to “forget” about alcohol using naltrexone, a medication that blocks alcohol from attaching to the receptors responsible for the pleasurable effects of alcohol? This 12 minute video will change everything you thought you knew about recovery from alcohol use disorder.

(it’s true, you can intentionally make your brain forget about alcohol.)

The Sinclair Method, and the use of naltrexone for problematic drinking is the future of real recovery.

Interested to learn more? East Indiana Recovery offers a multitude of addiction medicine services, including The Sinclair Method. We have successfully treated hundreds of patients utilizing TSM in an all around recovery program based on the individual needs of each unique case.


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