What To Expect

What to Expect When Getting Drug Addiction TreatmentWe want you to understand the process that goes along with the beginning treatment at East Indiana Recovery. Your first day will be the longest- you can expect to be in our office anywhere from 3-6 hours, depending on your circumstance. You will meet with multiple medical personnel throughout your appointment, and your first dose of buprenorphine will be given at the office.

When you are ready to schedule your first appointment, please have the following information ready:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Best Contact Number
  • Email Address (for appointment reminders, but not necessary)
  • Home Address
  • Emergency Contact (if you choose)
  • Insurance Name and ID.

An EIR staff member will call you shortly before your appointment time (usually the evening before or the morning of) to confirm that you’re still coming, as well as to answer any other questions or concerns you have. We ask that you come into your appointment in a mild to moderate withdrawal– typically about 12-24 hours in for heroin and opiate painkillers.. (If you have been using methadone, please discuss with someone in the office as the withdrawal process is a little different.) [If you are not in a withdrawal before you’re appointment, we ask that you do not skip your appointment- please call us and we will assist you from there.]

Once you’re at the office, you’ll receive your new patient paperwork packet to begin completing and you’ll be given a urine toxicology screen. You will then see a chemical dependency counselor who will do your assessment (a lot of questions about your family history, your upbringing, your substance abuse history, current life situations, etc.) and discuss some different short-term goals such as avoiding triggers and finding support.

Shortly after your session with your counselor, you’ll meet your doctor. Your doctor will perform routine medical exams, such as a History and Physical and a Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy for appropriate medications. There will be a discussion of your substance abuse history, your motivations for treatment and how to get there. Your physician will answer your questions and address all concerns. Appropriate treatment therapy options such as AA/NA, 12- step meetings or individual/group therapy sessions will be discussed and recommended.

You’ll leave the office with a laboratory order to have blood taken so that we can see certain areas of concern that previous drug abuse may have caused. (We ask you to do this as soon as possible so we can review at your next appointment.)

You’ll return to the office anywhere from 2-7 days after your initial appointment so we address any new areas of concern and check your progress.

Once you’re stable on the medication and doing well, your visits with your physician will be less frequent while still being proactive in your recovery through AA/NA, individual counseling, group sessions and other therapeutic remedies.

Prescriptions and chemical dependency counseling is covered by Medicare/Medicaid*